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A  B  O  U  T

T H E  B I Z Z U P P  A G E N C Y

Bizzupp is a Social Media and Marketing Agency specialising in pushing brands to the next level. We are experts in Social Media management, content creation, and Branding. We are committed to enhancing the image and expansion of companies through remarkable creativity, advanced technology and effective marketing.

At Bizzup We Strive For


Dina Began her career in the entertainment Industry as a marketing manager. She studied in the universities of New York, London and Madrid obtaining degrees in Business Entertainment and Sound Engineering.


Having worked for some of the most prestigious brands, she has gained a wealth of experience in business and marketing. Her diverse journey working for companies within different industries,  has established her to be a creative professional with a refined eye for branding. In 2019 she offered her services as an independent worker, witch grew her demand and founded Bizzupp in 2020.

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We are an international team of professionals from different cultures, countries, and expertise.

Our business is centered in Marbella but we operate all across the globe displaying a unique diversity that allows us to connect with our clients on another level.

Best minds with a passion for innovation and  to exceed expectations. We are highly proactive and geared towards providing exceptional service.

Once you’ve seen first hand what we can do, we’re confident that you’ll want to have us on to your team as we understand with great clarity that our Job is based on our passion and your success.

 The key to collective success is our fierce commitment and dedication to finish what we start. 

 We take ownership as we are all responsible for our members' success. Our Integrity in based on doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Last but not least, we Have a continuous thirst to grow our skills and knowledge.

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